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Duffy Gibbons Band drawings

Last night I made some drawings of the Duffy Gibbons Band performing at The Twa Dugs in Ayrshire.

Last night I was scrubbing my kitchen after a week of being in bed with a cold and art exhaustion. While I sat down for a cuppa I saw on Facebook that my friend Michelle Gaskell was streaming a live gig at The Twa Dugs in Ayrshire, Scotland. I watched the gig until the early hours of the morning and a made a couple of drawings of the Duffy Gibbons Band, which is the band of Michelle's boyfriend, Jon Gibbons.

A live drawing of Jon Gibbons and John Duffy of the Duffy Gibbons Band. (c) 2016 by Eloise O'Hare.

Jon Gibbons and John Duffy.

I knew one of the songs from the early 90s, when I lived in Bradford and worked in the Java restaurant. Jon was our neighbour and I often heard him sing and play his guitar with joy and delight in his living room.

A list drawing of MC Karen at The Twa Dugs in Ayrshire. (c) 2016 by Eloise O'Hare.

MC Karen at The Twa Dugs in Ayrshire.

The event was hosted by Bailey Guitars, who are building guitars and run a Guitar Making Acadamy. They're currently fundraising to buy their workshop. You can listed back to the gig on livestream.com (Flash required).