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Pets Win Prizes raises £243 for RSPCA

The Norwich Dandies have raised £243 for the RSPCA.

At last year's Dandifest I helped organise Pets Win Prizes, a competition in which anyone could paint or draw a pet. The paintings have now been exhibited and auctioned, and last weekend we presented the RSPCA with an extra-large cheque at the Birdcage on Pottergate.

A large cheque for the RSPCA.

The extra-large cheque for the RSPCA.

Eloise O'Hare, Chrissy Sabberton and RSPCA volunteers posing for the Norwich Evening News.

Posing on St Gregory's Green, outside the Birdcage, with cakes.

Shelly Telly taking a group shot outside the Birdcage.

Shelly Telly getting the picture.

Another group shot, with cakes and flowers.

Another group shot, this time for the Evening News.

Deanna from the RSPCA and Chrissy Sabberton posing with the giant cheque.

Chrissy (Norwich Dandies) presenting the cheque to Deanne from the RSPCA.

Close-up of a neon love-heart in the Birdcage.

A neon love-heart in the Birdcage.

The Norwich Evening News mentioned the event in yesterday's paper. The article isn't on their website but you can view it below.