Dandifest 2017 has started

Last night was the launch of Dandifest 2017. Among others, we had performances by Dandelion and the Rockets, Edwina Blush and a preview of Vince Laws' new play, A Very Queer Nazi Faust. You can watch a short video on the Norwich Dandies website.

The poster for Dandifest 2017, outside St Margaret's Church of Art.

The poster for Dandifest 2017.

Dandelion and the Rockets performing at Dandifest.

Dandelion and the Rockets.

Disability rights campaigner Mick Hardy enjoying the show.

Disability rights campaigner Mick Hardy enjoying the show.

Australian performance artist Edwina Blush.

Edwina Blush from Oz performing a bee song.

Drag queen Oozing Gloop.

Oozing Gloop getting ready for his/her performance.

Actors getting ready for the performance of 'A Very Queer Nazi Faust'.

Actors preparing for the performance of Vince Laws' new play.

Andrew Day filming.

Filmer Andrew Day is ready for Vince's play as well.

Actors performing 'A Very Queer Nazi Faust' at St Margaret's.

A Very Queer Nazi Faust.

Eloise O'Hare watching 'A Very Queer Nazi Faust'.

Watching Vince's new play.

St Margaret's Church of Art, Norwich.
Chatting before the after party.