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Norwich City FC painting

I painted Carrow Road today and had a chat with BBC Radio Norfolk and Delia Smith.

I painted the scene at Carrow Road today, before the match between Norwich City and Hull City. I had hoped to paint inside the ground during the match but that proved to be impossible. Instead I painted the area where VIPs and the players arive. One of the VIPs who came up to say hello was Delia Smith.

While I was having a short break BBC norfolk turned up. They spoke with my friend Di Cunningham of the Proud Canaries and then with me.

I didn't spot many players. The only player who made it into the picture is David Meyler (the left-most character), who is a Hull City player. He got sent off during the match, so my painting did bring good luck.

My painting of the scene outside the Norwich City football ground. (c) 2017 by Eloise O'Hare.

People gathering outside the VIP entrance before the Norwich City vs Hull City match.

A photo of me painting on the wall outside Carrow Road. Photo by Di Cunningham.

Painting outside Carrow Road. Photo by Di Cunningham.

Fans arriving at Carrow Road, with me painting in the background. Photo by Di Cunningham.

Fans arriving before the match. Photo by Di Cunningham.

A close-up of me drawing Carrow Road. Photo by Di Cunningham.

Paparazzi Painter. Photo by Di Cunningham.

Delia Smith and me shaking hands.

Shaking hands with Delia Smith.

Delia Smith admiring my work.

Delia spots herself in the painting!

A photo of me being interviewed by BBC Radio Norfolk.

Chatting with Radio Norfolk.