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Norwich City FC painting in Pink Un

Pink Un has asked me if I want to make another Norwich City FC painting before the clash with Ipswich Town...

Chris Goreham of The Pink Un, a local footie magazine published by Archant, has written about my Norwich City FC painting. He mentions that the Hull City player who I included in the painting got a red card during the match, and he suggests it would be a good idea if I "sketch a few of the [Ipswich] Town midfielders" before next week's Old Farm Derby. You can read the full article on the Punk Un website. Below is what Chris wrote the painting.

Football is never short of superstitions, irrational thinking and omens but I came across a new one at the weekend.

While looking for some Norwich City supporters to have a chat with ahead of the game on the radio I noticed a couple of people perched on the bank that runs between Carrow Road and the retail park opposite. This wasn’t rampant opportunism but clearly a carefully constructed plan because they had brought a table, two chairs and probably a flask of tea as well.

Di Cunningham from the Proud Canaries supporters group was one of them and she introduced me to an artist called Eloise O’Hare who had decided that football supporters on their way to Carrow Road would be the perfect subject for her next picture as part of the Paint Out Norwich project which encourages people to create artwork around the city.

Eloise isn’t a massive football supporter and only realised that the bearded gentleman arriving at the ground that she’d sketched in pencil in her picture at about 1.30 on Saturday was actually the Hull City midfielder David Meyler when Di Cunningham pointed it out. How we laughed.

But perhaps that pencil contains mystical powers. Who should get sent off less than three hours later? That’s right, the same bearded gentleman that plays in the Hull midfield. Meyler’s marching orders helped convince Daniel Farke to flood the pitch with attacking options in search of that treasure equaliser.

I am now deeply concerned about the paranormal power of that pencil because a post-match social media trawl revealed that Eloise had celebrated the unexpected shot of publicity given to her on BBC Radio Norfolk by drawing her interviewer into the scene. Gulp! I will not be walking under any ladders, opening any umbrellas indoors or crossing the path of a black cat between now and Sunday because it suddenly feels like the fate of Norwich City in the East Anglian Derby rests in my reluctant hand.

Perhaps Eloise would find it equally interesting to sit outside Portman Road next Sunday morning and sketch a few of the Town midfielders before the game. We don’t want to leave anything to chance now do we?