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Fantabulousa tour at the Forum

The Dandies went on tour at the Forum, and I've made a Brexit bus going down a hole.

It's been a busy few weeks for the Norwich Dandies. At part of Norwich Pride we organised a Fantaulousa tour at the Forum. We displayed the pride scroll as well as some of our own work, and people could create art at a drawing table. It was great to meet so many people.

I showed my football paintings and new sculptures of a bus going down a hole. I made the sculpture from bits and pieces I found in the shed and a toy bus. The bus that really went down a hole in the late 1980s had an advert for a fax machine on the side of the bus, which I replaced with the Brexit campaign's £350 million a week lie.

An overview photo of the Fantabulousa event at the forum, wich the drawing table in the centre.

Our corner of the Forum.

A large scroll with drawing made by members of the public during Norwich Pride.

Part of the Pride scroll.

My Brexit bus sculpture. (c) 2019 by Eloise O'Hare.

The Brexit bus going down a hole (where it belongs).