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Waitrose supports Dandies

The Norwich Dandies got some much needed funds from Waitrose.

This afternoon Dandy Chrissy and I collected a large £200 cheque from Waitrose. In September people in Norwich could donate to the Norwich Dandies by placing tokens in Community Matters boxes in various Waitrose supermarkets. Many thanks if you were one of the people who put a token in our box!

A photo of the Waitrose branch manager, Dandy Chrissy with future Dandy Alice and me holding a large cheque. (c) 2019 by Eloise O'Hare.

The Norwich Dandies got a large cheque.

The money will help us apply for more funding. Most funding bodies want you to have a certain amount of match-funding when applying for grants, which can be difficult if you're promoting wacky community art. The Dandies are now busy making plans for one or more events next year.