Dandifest 2017 has started

Photos from last night's launch of Dandifest 2017, featuring Dandelion and the Rockets, Edwina Blush and a preview of Vince Laws' new play, A Very Queer Nazi Faust.

Dandifest and Norwich Rising on Pride Live

I was on Pride Live tonight with Edwina Blush to talk about Dandifest and Norwich Rising.

Dandy arts trail

The Norwich Dandies are celebrating small local businesses with a dandy arts trail.

Celebrity portraits in Great Yarmouth

I've made clay portraits of celebrities for a Dandifest exhibition at Great Yarmouth Library.

Norwich Rising will be happening on 30th April

This year's Norwich Rising will be part of the May Day celebrations at Chapelfield Gardens.

LED techstyle bug

I've made a battery-powered bug with LED lights!

Duffy Gibbons Band drawings

Last night I made some drawings of the Duffy Gibbons Band performing at The Twa Dugs in Ayrshire.

Plastercine Barbie with chick

I've invented a more realistic Barbie doll.