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Dinosaur skull

A watercolour and pen painting of dinosaur skull.

Iguanodon dinosaur

A watercolour and pen painting of a Iguanodon dinosaur.

Deinonychus dinosaur (2)

A second drawing of a Deinonychus dinosaur skeleton.

Deinonychus dinosaur (1)

One of two pen drawings of a Deinonychus dinosaur.

Midsummer Ghost

A painting of a quiet Cambridge park.

King's Indian

A painting of King's College in Cambridge.

Goosey Ganda

A flock of geese I encountered on the way from Cambridge to Grantchester.

Bridging Equation

A painting of Cambridge's Mathematical Bridge.

Sir Garnet Pub

Watercolour painting of the famous Sir Garnet pub on the Norwich markets.

Royal Chocolate Arcade

An award-winning painting of the chocolate shop in the Royal Arcade.

Royal Arcade

Playing the fiddle on Gentleman's Walk.

Swans on River Wensum

Swans entertaining tourist along the Riverside Walk.