Pam Ann

A painting of Pam Ann posing as a trolley dolly on a plane. (c) Eloise O'Hare, 2012.

A painting of Pam Ann, an Australian comedian who performs shows around a theatrical airline. In the painting Pam is a trolly dolly. She's enjoying some Australian bubbely with the captain, while a kangaroo is hopping through the sky. On Pam's trolly you see a huge pavlova and lamington cakes underneath.

Price and variations

  • The painting measures 24 x 34cm (excluding the mount and frame).
  • With the mount and frame the painting measures 36 x 46cm.
  • The picture has a black frame. If you'd like another frame, please leave a note in the checkout and I'll let you know what other frames I got available.

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