'Snot pie' by Eloise O'Hare.

Snot pie

Postcard of a witch making a snot pie in an old wood-burner stove.

'Dutch cheese fondue' by Eloise O'Hare.

Dutch cheese fondue

Postcard of a Dutch girl preparing a cheese fondue with lots of cheese, veggies and bread.

'Irish dancing breakfast' by Eloise O'Hare.

Irish dancing breakfast

Postcard of a girl in a traditional Irish dancing dress making a huge veggie breakfast.

'Samphire queen' by Eloise O'Hare.

Samphire queen

Postcard of the Queen of Norfolk preparing freshly picked samphire.

'Caesar salad' by Eloise O'Hare.

Caesar salad

Postcard of a Roman Goddess making a vegan Caesar salad.

'British big baked beans' by Eloise O'Hare.

British big baked beans

Postcard of a Cockney Queen making big baked beans (made from butter beans!).

'Mexican nachos' by Eloise O'Hare.

Mexican nachos

Postcard of a Mexican girl making nachos in a colourful kitchen.

'Scottish fudge' by Eloise O'Hare.

Scottish fudge

Postcard of a Scottish girl (dressed in an Anderson clan kilt) making fudge.