Train posters revisited

Train posters revisited is a series of paintings based on old train travel posters. The Norfolk landscape hasn't changed all that much over the last 100 years but I've added a modern twist to each poster.

Morston Marsh seals

Everyone's enjoying a summer's day at Morston Marsh.

Sugar babes

A sugar babe on the broads, with the Cantley sugar factory in the background.

Lowestoft British Rail Blues

A gentleman enjoying a conversation and cigaret on a train near Lowestoft.

Jolly sailors in Wells-next-the-Sea

A gathering at Jolly Sailors Yard in Wells-next-the-Sea.

Monoski on the Norfolk Broads

A monoski on the Broads.

Aura Borealis Hunstanton

Northern lights over Hunstanton in Norfolk.

Cromer paragliding

A paraglider about to land in Cromer.

Tattoed Broads

Tattooed people sailing on the Norfolk Broads.