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Joy on the Norfolk Broads

A modern family enjoying a day out on the Norfolk Broads.

'Pequlia Bigtopp' by Eloise O'Hare.

Pequlia Bigtopp

A painting of Pequlia Bigtopp, the Queen of Norwich, posing on a bollard.

'Leigh Bowery' by Eloise O'Hare.

Leigh Bowery

A painting of the artist and designer Leigh Bowery.

'Cybersissy' by Eloise O'Hare.


A painting of Cybersissy, a Dutch artist who makes extraordinary costumes.

'Claire' by Eloise O'Hare.


A painting of Claire, the alter-ego of artist / celebrity Grayson Perry.

'Mrs Vera' by Eloise O'Hare.

Mrs Vera

Painting of Mrs Vera dressed up in an amazing upcycled costume.

'Pam Ann' by Eloise O'Hare.

Pam Ann

A painting of Pam Ann posing as a trolley dolly on a plane.

'Titti Trash' by Eloise O'Hare.

Titti Trash

A painting of Titti Trash in a rainbow dress on Cromer beach.

'Mitzi Macintosh' by Eloise O'Hare.

Mitzi Macintosh

A painting of Mitzi Macintosh dressed in her Royal Queen costume.

'Lily Savage' by Eloise O'Hare.

Lily Savage

A painting of Lily Savage and her dog Buster.

'Vanessa Wagner' by Eloise O'Hare.

Vanessa Wagner

A painting of Vanessa Wagner on a Pride Surf Board with the famous Bondi Pavillion in the background.

'Dame Edna Everage' by Eloise O'Hare.

Dame Edna Everage

A painting of Dame Edna Everage in an Australian flag dress.